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Leg Three

1,434 Miles

2,307 Kilometers

4 Days

For the third and final leg of the Odyssey I start off from my sister's home in Pagosa Springs, CO and head south through New Mexico to end the day at Albuquerque. Along the way I will stop at The Black Hole surplus store. It specialize in surplus from U. S. nuclear weapons programs. It should be interesting to look over the items for sale. After that it is on to Santa Fe, NM to visit the state capital. I then head southwest into Albuquerque. In Albuquerque I will pay a visit to the National Nuclear Museum to view, among other things, an Atomic Cannon developed for the U.S. Army during the cold war.

The second day of this leg I head east along the I40 interstate. This road replaced much of the old Route 66 through New Mexico and Arizona. In Gallup, when I pull off for a refueling I will take a little side jaunt down Route 66 through  the town. After I enter Arizona I will get off I40 to take a drive through the Petrified Forest National Park. I rejoin I40 again and head towards Flagstaff. Twenty miles past Winslow, AZ I leave the interstate to stop at Meteor Crater, a rather large hole in the ground made by a meteor strike about 50,000 years ago. The crater has been privately owned by the same family since 1902. Reaching Flagstaff I end my driving for the day.

On the third day I head south from Flagstaff to Phoenix, AZ. The road drops from 7,000 feet in Flagstaff to 1,100 feet in Phoenix and, of course, the temperature will go up by about 20 F. I pass through Phoenix and continue south to Tucson, AZ. There I will visit the Pima Air Museum which is located just outside of Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, better known as the aircraft bone yard. This is where the U.S. Air Force keeps it's spare aircraft, either for storage or parts. There are several thousand aircraft stored there. I remain over night in Tucson.

The fourth day finds me heading back north to Phoenix to visit the Arizona state capital and generally while away the day until about sunset which occurs at 7:28 on August 1st.. The daytime temperatures run about 106 F so by sunset it will probably be starting to cool off. Also since I will be heading west I can avoid the sun in my eyes. This last section is about 420 miles across the Mojave desert and any advantage I can get will be worth it. It will be a good test for the Montreal's cooling system which should perform flawlessly. Sometime in the early morning hours of August 2nd I will arrive home.

I have every confidence in the Montreal and it should prove to be a fun and exciting trip.

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