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Leg Two

1,879 Miles

3,022 Kilometers

6 Days

This leg, from Portland, OR to Pagosa Springs, CO is the longest - 1,900 miles and taking 6 days.

After spending 5 days at the AROC National Convention I set out on the road again. This time heading east. I head out on July 20th with my first stop in Milwaukie, OR about 15 miles south of the convention hotel. There I visit a gas station that has a World War II B17 bomber as the cover over the gas pumps. The gas station is no longer active but, according to Google Earth, the bomber is still there. I then turn back north and head up to the Columbia River, the border between Oregon and Washington. I use Interstate 84 for this day's travel. Unlike the interstates in the Los Angeles which can be up to 6 or more lanes in each direction and packed with cars I84 through Oregon is two lanes in each direction and relatively light in traffic. About half way across Oregon the road turns to the southeast and heads into Idaho. I end the day in Nampa, ID, a city of about 80,000 just west of Boise. I'll be spending the next day in Nampa visiting with a friend.

On July 22nd I head to the Idaho state capital in Boise, about 20 miles from Nampa. I leave Boise on I84 until I get the the town of Bliss, ID where I leave the interstate to spend the rest of the day on secondary roads. I stop in Shoshone, ID for fuel and then head up the road to the Craters of the Moon National Monument, a vast area of lava flows. From there I stop at Arco, ID, home of the first nuclear power plant and then on to Idaho Falls for another fuel up, And then it is on to West Yellowstone, MT just outside of Yellowstone National Park where I stop for the night.

In the morning I head in to Yellowstone National Park. I don't have time to really see everything but I will spend most of the day there and in the Grand Teton National Park before reaching my overnight stop at Debois, WY. This will be my shortest day mileage-wise, only 138 miles (222 km).

The next day I head southeast to Rawlins, WY where I join I80 for about 20 miles before turning off on to U.S. Highway 30, part of the old Lincoln Highway, the first coast-to-coast highway in the U.S. This route has some long, flat, straight sections. I wonder what the Montreal will do here? I'll finally get into Laramie, WY, hopefully without a police escort, for my overnight stay. I have some relatives in Laramie that I haven't seen for a decades so I will look them up.

The next day, July 25th I head over to Cheyenne, WY for a visit to yet another state capital and then it is south to Denver, CO. I have a couple of stops in Denver. The first is the former Lowry Air Force Base where I spent some of my service time. The Wings over the Rockies Air Museum is also located here. I will then make a quick stop at the Brown Palace Hotel where my grandparents spent their honeymoon in 1917. And of course not forgetting the Colorado state capital. From there it is west on another interstate, I70 this time, to the small town of Georgetown, CO high in the Rocky Mountains, ending my driving for this day.

In the morning I set out on the last day of driving for this leg. I head out on I70 again for about 40 miles where I take a secondary road over Loveland Pass, 11,990 ft (3655 m) above sea level, the highest point I will reach on my trip. Then it's back onto I70 for a short run until I switch to secondary roads to go though Leadville, Poncha Springs, Lake City and finally in to Pagosa Springs, ending the second leg of my Odyssey.

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