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The main purpose of this trip is to attend the Alfa Romeo Owners Club national convention in Portland, OR. And since I would already be in Oregon it gives me an excuse to visit my two of my three sisters in Pagosa Springs, CO. I mean it's only about 8 inches on the map, as the crow flies. Barb, I would also stop by your place in Hawaii but the bridge is washed out.

It also gives me a good reason to drive the Montreal. While I do drive it a few times a month this will let her really stretch her legs (wheels?).

As you can see from the map I am only taking the interstate highways where I have to, otherwise it is secondary roads. It should be a pretty fun trip. The last leg will be on August 1st driving from Tucson AZ to home. 532 miles (850 Km) across the Mojave desert in a car with no air conditioning! Should be cool.

In planning this odyssey I noticed that I would be passing through a number of state capitals so I plan to visit each capitol building as I pass through.


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